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[Learning Notes] Learning to Learn: The Pillars

Once we know about the principles set down and the lies debunked, it is time to build The Pillars of our learning

  • Everything is a Game Set your perspective towards a growth mindset. Do not shy away from challenges or obstacles. Instead, take them as chances to earn bonus EXP. Remember that you have control over your life. You are Player1 of your life. Player1 can fail as many times as needed, but they all mean moving forward.
  • Feynman Technique This has already been mentioned before. To be able to really understand something, you need to be able to explain it in the simplest terms. Using jargon might make you sound smart to those who don't understand, but you're really just hiding uncertainty.
  • Trunk-Based Knowledge The foundations are always important, and they will always help you more in the long term. Take the chance to gain foundational knowledge over learning the "leaves" at the very beginning. To illustrate, it is better to learn the chords than learning a song.
  • Efficiency Trumps Grit Working smart will always be better than working hard.

At the end of the day, remember to focus on growth.

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