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[Learning Notes] Learning to Learn (Efficient Learning) ZeroToMastery

Learning to Learn (Efficient Learning) is a personal development course from Andrei Neagoie of ZeroToMastery (ZTM). As you can tell from the title, the course aims to enable you to learn new skills better. It takes popular books on the topic such as The Dip (Seth Godin), The Power of Habit (Charles Duhigg) and Deep Work (Cal Newport) and gets to their cores.

Personally, I have never been one to read such books or enrol in such a course, but I knew of ZTM from a previous course. I liked how it was delivered and this Efficient Learning course launched while I was making my way towards learning a new language. I took a chance on the course and, at the end of it, learned many things that can be applied towards my own learning. It is quite literally as the title says.

One of the techniques taught in the course is stacking your knowledge. The same principle is applied into the course itself. It is divided into five parts, with the next one building on the previous:

  1. The Principles
  2. The Lies
  3. The Pillars
  4. The Science
  5. The Techniques

As in the Feynman Technique, if you really want to understand something, you need to be able to teach it in simple terms. Doing it this way allows you to show what you know in a way that is useful to people and, at the same time, test your knowledge as it keeps you from hiding behind jargon.

This first series of posts will be a record of what I have learned from the course with each next post detailing each part.

This is my way of sharing my knowledge and, hopefully, it will be useful to some people.

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