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[Learning Notes] Learning to Learn: The Lies

Part Two of the Learning to Learn course builds on top of the principles from the previous part and covers The Lies that have been told about learning. In this section of the course, the lies are described and the reality behind them is discussed.

  • Follow Your Passion Passion might be a good place to start, but it is not everything. Creativity + Control + Impact are needed, passion is not. Embrace the craftsman's mindset that always pushes towards becoming better.
  • You Can Avoid Risk This is not true, so you better learn to accept risk and enjoy it. Those who only ever play it safe will never be exceptional. Taking risks means taking the opportunity to grow.
  • Trust this One Person Do not accept the one person who says, "I am the absolute. Listen to me because I know everything." They are charlatans who really know nothing. Learn from multiple sources, see multiple perspectives.
  • 10,000 Hours Rule Practice matters, a lot, but it is not everything. There are other factors like genetics, personal history, etc. that will affect you and your outcomes. It is important to remember that blindly putting in the hours will not move you forward. It is better to put in smart hours.

Do not believe in the old things. They might have sounded like the height of wisdom before, but it is better to always keep learning instead.

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