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What is Dev Content Strategy and why you may want to create one?

When I first started to write content, I thought that each. time you create something, it has to be unique. For example, if you write an article, then if you would like to record a video, it should be something completely different. While in fact, it could be better to choose one topic that can be used in several channels so that all interest groups can actually benefit from what you are creating.

It does not mean that you should stick to one topic for the next 5 or more content types. It is more about the fact that there are topics that can easily be presented in many different forms to satisfy different people. Some of the people I know prefer to learn from video tutorials, while others prefer documentation. And I could probably name even more types and it is especially important for us, Content Creators if we want to grow a big audience.

Building Headless Commerce with Nuxt 3, Shopify, and TailwindCSS

Let's take a look at my topic about Building Headless Commerce with Nuxt 3, Shopify, and TailwindCSS. It is based on my first ever video tutorial:

I wanted to cover this topic as I thought that building an E-Commerce website with these technologies is really efficient and the experience is just great. So, there is the video.

After that, I have created a GitHub Repository so that you can fork the project and work on it on your own. You can check it out here

Nuxt 3, Shopify, Tailwind GitHub Repository

Next, I decided to write a short blog post about it. It was not much as the whole process of building the headless commerce is explained in the video but still it is a content that can target a different type of audience. You can check out it here

Nuxt 3, Shopify, Tailwind article

Furthermore, I submitted a Call for Paper for Vue.js Germany with this topic and managed to be accepted! In this talk, I will be talking about how easy it is to built an E-Commerce with Nuxt 3 from scratch. You can see more details about the conference here

Vue Germany Conference

Algolia Module for Nuxt 3

I am really happy to say that I am a main contributor and maintainer behind the Algolia module for Nuxt 3 that you can check out here.

Algolia module for Nuxt 3 code repository

Then, I wrote an article about it so that people who prefer to read, could easily get started. You can check it out here

Article in about Algolia module for Nuxt 3

After that, I have recorded a video on how you can use this module to add Algolia to your Headless Commerce.

And finally, I gave a talk at Algolia Search Party about the usage of the module in both Nuxt 3 and Vue Storefront 2.


For people who would like to start creating Developer content, I would like to give this advice that you do not have to create unique content each time you want to share something. At first you might have several interesting ideas to share but with the time passing, the amount of topics will be smaller and you may have difficulties to create something unique. And I can assure you, even if you create a content that will have millions of views, there will still be people who have not seen it so that you talk, video, or an article will be unique for them :)

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