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Interesting stuff I stumbled on #2


The ladybug podcast: The new podcast by @aspittel, @emmawedekind, @kelly and @lkopacz is an all lady podcast where they talk about code and career. I already follow these four women for the past year and I have always enjoyed reading about their journey, their projects and their takes about various subjects regarding women and under represented people in tech. This will considerably brighten my mondays.


Gamasutra: How ID built Wolfenstein 3D using Commander Keen tech: Even if it's not from my time, I still remember the first time I played Wolfenstein 3D on a old computer in a friend's basement. I was hooked on it and played several hours. From time to time, I discover those gems that told the story of how the most popular games of the past were made. Written in C, Wolfenstein 3D was a hell of revolutionary game and its creators brought in some fresh takes at doing things.

A Unicorn Lost in the Valley, Evernote Blows Up the ‘Fail Fast’ Gospel: What happens to those Silicon Valley unicorns that become huge then stale? We don't hear a lot about them, but there is many companies that reach a peak then the hype slowly vanishes. Remember Yo, Ello, Peach, Meerkat, Stolen, Clinkle, Secret, Color, etc. ? They were big, praised for their novelty then became zombiecorn. A nice approach to this phenomenon with the last victim of the movement: Evernote.


Learn Synths - I am not a huge fan of electronic music, but making it always mystified me. At first, I was delusional in thinking you only have to push some buttons and you have a hit. Yeah, no. It has a lot to do with electrical engineering and math, but there is a fun way (even tho math is fun to me) to learn how a synthesiser work. You will learn that with little units of sound modification up to the thing: a synth.


Educated by Tara Westover: Born in rural Idaho, Tara is raised in the mountains by very religious parents. Survivalists, the whole family prepares for the End of the Day and is determined to live off the grid, away from the evil government. When they get badly injured, by accident or violence, they don't go to a hospital. They treat everything with tinctures or oils and put their faith into god hands. From a young age, Tara destiny is already traced by God commandments and her father who has the real power over its family. Eventually, the little girl grows curious about the outside, how it feels to live a normal life. Fighting her identity from the mountains, she goes about earning a PhD despite having no previous high school education. The book is pure joy to read, it got me through lots of emotions from rage to happiness and relieves.


How do Braking Systems Work on a Formula One Car? - Mercedes motorsport: In the past days, I clicked through some suggestions Youtube regarding F1. While not a fan or following F1 seasons, I really enjoy the engineering of these fast cars. I especially appreciated how the disk brakes work and how they are cooled.


If you ever read/listen/watch something in that list, tell me how you liked it.
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