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Are You Ready for These JavaScript Interview Puzzles?

How do you prepare for tricky JavaScript interview questions? Share your tips and strategies for tackling complex coding puzzles and scenarios.

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Ben Sinclair

I always have this one cocked and loaded: "Could you give me an example of a time when being able to answer this puzzle was relevant to the job?"

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I like this! The interviewer will either give you an example, in which case you either keep trying to figure it out -- or gracefully admit that you don't know how to solve the puzzle -- or the interviewer won't be able to come up with any examples, which will yield in a slightly comedic few seconds of awkward silence ;).

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Renan Ferro

Yeah, good question. Not specific to JavaScript, but for interviews in general I prefer to be honest and show all my knowledge about a subject or something like that. I think something like: "If I lie about what, it could probably hurt in the future". And in the interview I prefer to show what I really know, as this can make me demonstrate more confidence and increase my changes of being hired.

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Stephen A. Wilson • Edited

I think you might have forgotten to include the puzzles in the post...

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Sh Raj