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2020 Front-end Developer RoadMap

j_marathi profile image JMarathi ・1 min read

Frontend developer roadmap for 2020 is an article that’s written in conjunction with “web developers roadmap for 2020”, this blog touches the second key aspect in web development. The blog is written to guide aspiring frontend developers, so without further a due let’s dive into this second aspect i.e. frontend developer roadmap for 2020 in detail.

The exponential growth of the IT industry is pretty eminent to everyone but very few know the struggle caused by a divergence in the growth of hardware and software. The growth of software brought us to the bottleneck of local computers’ capabilities and we shifted to cloud infrastructure for deploying applications. A new type of architecture and different approaches at every end was required to develop these web applications. One of the approaches deals with web applications’ behavior on the client-side where we deal with the interaction of end-user from his or her machine to the web application’s backend deployed on the cloud server. Frontend developer deals with the client-side of web applications that run on our computers via web browsers.

Frontend Developer Learning RoadMap 2020

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