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Software quality control with code linters

Software quality control has always been an important and integral part of building and maintaining a software.Even though we have the sense of measuring the quality of a product by our own interpretations, it is not always possible to perfectly ensure the quality without conforming to the standards defined in the industry. Most of us are aware of the terminologies but do not know the key differences among them. This article is all about defining software quality control, pointing out the difference between quality control of software and software quality assurance and later we will use an example of code linters to signify a particular software quality control technique.

Software Development

What is Software Quality Control?

Take for an example, a product you purchased from a shopping mart. What thing goes into your mind before and after you pick it up and pay for it?Obviously, youmay think of its quality, check for any flaws in it and only after using it finally, you decide how good or bad it is. This is from the buyers point of view i.e. the buyer is following a set of steps to make sure he/she is buying a proper product. The analogy we described can be applied to software as well. That was from the buyers context (the consumer). In the context of software, software quality control is set of procedures that the organisation’s key players use to ensure that their software product will meet the required quality.

According to Wikipedia’s definition software quality control is commonly referred to as Testing.

Software Quality Control Vs Quality Assurance

It is hard to differentiate between the two terms just by looking at them, they seem synonymous.However, one is the subset of the other. If Software Quality Control is a set of procedures to follow while developing a software product and adhering to the software engineering principles then Software Quality Assurance is the means of monitoring the entire software development process. It includes the following phases:

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