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inidaname profile image Hassan Sani ・3 min read

What do you do? Wait don’t answer, let me give you a brief history of my early time of coding. It took me time trying to define what exactly it is I do, was it even professional or just a fun thing? am I supposed to be paid for it or do I need to pay for it? Was I even at the satisfactory level to be considered for a Job for this? What do I tell people when they request for a solution? A friend once called me Trail and Error.

Now those were just the few notable feelings, I also remembered the first time I learned how to view page source, I saw codes like something.js, anotherthing.css and to make it worst <?php something weird is happening here ?> I know right…. just copy, paste, save and reproduce, Yahoo! Suffered it.

Now few years later I am learning words like: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Java (No Relations), C, C#, C++, Python, Perl, Ruby, Objective-C.
wait I’m not done
Git, Shell, cmd, terminal
Seriously there is more
Jade/Pug, ejs, Sass, Less, jQuery, AngularJs, Angular 2/4, MVC,, React, VueJs, EmberJs, MeteorJs, Laravel, CakePHP, NodeJs, ExpressJs, DJango, Joomla, Ruby on Rails, Flask, JSF,
Let me catch my breath
Middle-wares, Cookies, Sessions, Services, Servers, Hosts, Authentication, wait wait wait WAIT!!!

Have you seen the movie Lone Ranger? Johnny Depp’s role the Indian guy, that’s exactly how I felt sometimes, why do I have to learn all these? okay may be I wanted to build the next FaceGoogle, so do I really need all these.

And this part was also on the lane: first it software designing, then web designing, then software developing, then we were back to web developing, and then the alien of all time coding. Okay we are losing signal here, how are we in the tech industry suppose to maintain a common CV if even the name of the things we do keep changing, seriously is someone out there?

As if that wasn’t enough we had; web pages, then interactive pages, then came the almighty responsive design, yes, but hold this is the big one, we now have PWAs short for Progressive Web Applications.

Are we still on track…? fine…!

This shit is getting really confusing, don’t get me started on the SEOs, UI, UX, AI and AR.

Hello…! Let’s get back to my first question. What do you do? just to be on the same page I also have more questions do you love what you do? are you having fun with it? you can answer these question in the comment but you should know that in the tech industry “Jack can’t do all trades…” you mustn’t learn all to be a renowned developer even the Almighty Google are just looking for some simple guys/girls.

But what if you want to build the next FaceInstaGoogleTwitter, let me give you the ultimate guide no other tutorial will give you, Just use these secret ingredients HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.
GIF of Minion Mic Drop
And I am a web developer visit my page. Follow me on twitter @iNidaname I always follow back, there we can talk about what it is you do.

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Sheikh Lukman

I know that in the very beginning of the career in web designing every newbie is facing such things but to keep efforts on regular basis you can reach the desired goal you have set. We are running a web design companies in uae and remember that I was in the same situation when I have started my career in web designing. So, should need to do efforts. Your hard work can reach you to the desired success.

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Ashlee Jean

I found a good way at memorizing these codes and doing them. After what he tried best assignment writing help uk, try to delete every code you copied and make one without looking at the info.

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Prasoon Prahaladan

This is a great article. Thanks for sharing.
Love from web designers in Hong Kong

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