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Developers: How to stay on top of your game even without a job.

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Software Development

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#explainlikeimfiveExplain Kubernetes to me like I'm Five

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#discussLet's talk about that project you never want to talk about.

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How to understand Angular using the Documentation

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How to start learning as a Developer.

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Confessions of a Developer.

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Facebook Developer Circle: Building the Heart of the Capital City.

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Real Madrid, Liverpool and Andela: This is #ALCwithGoogle 3.0

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Did you know... You need to use

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2017 Was a Year: $ git push origin Nigeria

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#explainlikeimfiveWeb Design: Clearing the Explanation (HTML).

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#explainlikeimfiveExplain Closures to me like I am five

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#discussNewbie Developers, Don’t trust those Tutorials.

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Web Designing, Web Developing, App Coding or whatever you call it.

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We talked, We ate, We learned and WeCode

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