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Real Madrid, Liverpool and Andela: This is #ALCwithGoogle 3.0

I know you didn’t miss it. The UEFA Champions League Finals of Saturday May, 26th 2018.

Keep my secret and I will keep yours: I missed it.

So you know the gist, I read the tweets but I have a gist.

In Falz’s Voice This is Africa!

Wait…! before you continue you really need to get in the spirit of the song.

So again

This is my Africa…!

♪ Look how I’m learning now. ♪

♪ Look how we learning now. ♪

Pause… Good…

On Saturday 26th of May 2018, Africa stood up and it wasn’t for the UEFA Champions League finals. Yes you are not reading the wrong article.

Africa came together to achieve one goal and the goal was to learn. Thanks to Andela, Google and Udacity. They made this possible.

Pic Credit: Chris Barsolai

Pic Credit: Adetayo James

This is ALCwithGoogle

I know this didn’t rhythm.

Just so I don’t bored you with much, ALCwithGoogle is Google’s developer scholarships using Udacity’s online curriculum to build world-class problem solvers (Software developers).

Like the TV ads will say it: brought to you by _ **_Andela.**

ALCwithGoogle 3.0

Is categorized into Android and Web categories with Beginners and Intermediate Learners Track, it is currently 25% into the program as at this write up.

At the end of the program, Top 500 students will be awarded scholarships to Udacity’s Nano Degree.

But these wasn’t what happened on Saturday.

Are You Ready?

This is my Africa…!

♪ Look how I’m learning now. ♪

♪ Look how we learning now. ♪

♪ We all will be writing codes. ♪


Pic Credit: Andela Nigeria

Saturday was the first ALCwithGoogle 3.0 meet up and they called #ALCwithGoogle Meet-up 1.0. At least, that is obvious. Real Madrid and Liverpool ended 3-1, are you seeing the connection?

About 16,000+ students across 15 countries in Africa attended these meet ups in there local communities.

If I told you I attended all the Meet Ups, you won’t be reading this. Are you still reading this? I hope.

I didn’t attend all, I wish could and maybe I should but I attended one.

Are you with me?

♪ This is Nigeria ♪

♪ Look how I’m learning now ♪

♪ Look how we learning now ♪

♪ Everybody be coding now ♪

This is Nigeria

Pause… Please make sure you are still in this spirit and it okay to go back up it really fun. You won’t regret it.

Pic Credit: Ajah David

While the world was waiting for Real Madrid and Liverpool to start a Judo Fight…


I meant to say a Soccer Fight… Soccer Match. Well you know what they played.

The Civic Hall at Civic Innovation Lab was packed with close to 200 students ready to learn how to build world class applications.

Now during the meet up some questions were asked like, What text-editor should I use? or Why must I learn GIT? Let’s just say the common stuff anybody learning programming usually face.

The cool facilitators of the meet up provided lots of satisfactory responses. Who taught meet up was not important.

So about that spirit are you still in it let’s go…

♪ This is from Andela ♪

♪ I’m not from Andela ♪

♪ But they have a write up on that ♪

That didn’t rhythm… but they do have a write up on that. This is Andela.

Before I go, I know you are still in the spirit, So…

This is my Africa

♪ Look how I’m coding now ♪

♪ Look what I’m building now ♪

This is Nigeria
♪ Thank You for reading this. ♪

This is Nigeria

This is my Africa

The original song was by Falz The BadGuy, which was a remake of This is America by Childish Gambino.

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