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Ilham Mubarok
Ilham Mubarok

Posted on

Learn: Why It Took So Long to Finish The Side Project

We may have heard the phrase that "coming up with a new idea for a side project is easier than getting it done".

And it actually happens to most of us.

Before we move too far, let me share a bit of my story when I'm about to rebuild my personal portfolio. For version one, it was completed last year. But I was decided to migrate the entire tech-stacks. The main reason was, this version only uses the basic knowledge to build it: HTML and CSS.

With the increasing features that will be presented on this project, I think I have to migrate to a framework that can handle 'the heavier work' in the future. Since I was planning to add it.

From here, I realize there will be some roadblocks that may occur. So, here are some suggestions from me if you may facing the same roadblocks:

  1. Set the priority of this side project. If it looks like it will take up a lot of time to work on, plan carefully in terms of how much time will you spend on it. Don't let the side project took away so much time in your life.

  2. Learn about the technologies to be used. Make sure that at least you are familiar with the technologies. One thing you have to believe that migration in the middle of the process is a bad idea.

  3. Determine the purpose in mind. In order to avoid a side project that sinking in the middle of its journey, there are generally three things as a goal — to learn something, to develop a specific product, or to show up your skill.

Because in the end, as all things should be, done is better than perfect.

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