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Learn: Developed Extension Pack for Visual Studio Code

Ilham Mubarok
CS student learning Web Dev Things. Only read and search for some inspiration this far.
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This post will not cover step by step on how to create Visual Studio Code Extension Pack. If you are looking for a tutorial, I found this article helpful :

Moving on to my first intention when I developed it cause I have to re-install operating system in my laptop. For the cleaner installation, I decided to delete any installed programs. It means that I need to set everything up from the very start.

Focus on the Code Editor that I use all this time and it's Visual Studio Code. So, I think that I have to setup my developer environment again. There are many options that can be taken, but I choose to make the VS Code Extension Pack to solve it. The reason was...

When you can create a tool that may give the benefit to others as long as it also solved your problem. Share it instead!

If you are willing to take a glance at my Visual Studio Code Extension, come visit the VS Code Marketplace. Feedbacks are welcome and I really appreciate that.

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