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Learn: Get To Know Before Integrating Google APIs & Services into Our Projects

Have you ever wonder how a Sign-In with Google button works? Or displaying a location using Google Maps? These can be done by integrating Google APIs & Services into our project.

In my personal experience, I was trying to show a Maps that integrated with EONET from NASA Open APIs. About this project, I store it on my GitHub here. But I can't fully show the Maps cause there's a watermark "for development purposes only" that covers up the entire Maps.

Moving on to my next project recently when I'm about to use Google Sign-In API. Besides, showing static maps using Google Maps Javascript API based on geolocation. The sign-in process and display of the information are smooth. But the problem here, the static maps that used latitude and longitude by accessing the coordinates can't be shown.

Then I came up with a conclusion after understanding the roadblocks. It tells me that I should :

  1. Activate my billing on Google Cloud Platform.
  2. Make sure that APIs and Services are enabled.

The Importance of setting up billing on Google Cloud Platform is a must if we want to have full access to the services.

Friendly reminder: The bill costs. Do not forget.

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