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Ilham Mubarok
Ilham Mubarok

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Learn: Speed Up The Development Process Using Figma

Before we start, I would recommend you to try Figma. Why? This will give you a clarity.

While created side projects, I straightly run to code it for most of the time. My consideration before were only around "What tech stack would I use to complete it". I only thought about technicalities of the process, but didn't really deep dive into the interface design of the application that I built.

And then I realized by now that I spent quite a bit of time to design proper Interfaces. I need to define the style as it represent how my apps will look alike. I have to create a prototype first.

Built somethings in prototyping tools is not my first time experience. I've used Adobe XD before, though not that often.

Speaking of which, I'm exploring Figma documentation and read/watch some tutorials recently. Then I try to install Figma and start crafting my first design. It turns out that there are so many interesting concepts from Figma to learn.

For now on, I have decided to join #TeamFigma

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