Looking for tips before going open source...

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I have my side-project that I am working on for a while now.
I am the only developer on this project and I think the community might be interested to give back and contribute so I'm thinking about going open source. 🤔

This is my first time doing this move and I am looking for the best tips from all of you who can share their experience (such as the DEV team themselves 😜).


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Just do it. There might be some obstacles in the future, but you will learn and overcome them by doing. So just create a GitLab or GitHub project and bring it on :)

Then you should make sure that there is a good README which explains how to contribute and work with the project. Use the wiki or vuepress + pages to provide some additional documentation. Add tags.

Everything else will come :)

Oh and don't forget to share on dev.to when you feel ready. Good luck! :)


Thank you very much! Documentation is probably the best place to start as you suggested

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