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Relaunching Quacker!

I have recently re-added Quacker to Github and I have been making new releases of the app. This is mean't to be the formal beginning of the new Quacker.

Firstly, I am going to make it clear that this project is not Squawker as I will be focussing more on improving and finding new ways to access X (formerly known as Twitter). You may notice some features are the same between the two projects though I am doing things differently and in a simpler way.

Secondly, this project will not be deleted as I have found many people find the app useful (especially since the return) though when it becomes impossible to maintain I will give a sunset period of atleast 30 days so you can migrate your data to another app.

Lastly, this project will have the simple objective of making X (formerly known as Twitter) cleaner and more private. This is different to the old Quacker objective of being an anomynous and private way to browse X (formerly known as Twitter) as X (formerly known as Twitter) has required users to login since Janurary 2024 to view posts.

Feel free to ask me questions on the GitHub discussion 🤔

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