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Sharkio to the Rescue: Streamline Your API Development

Hello beloved members of Maakaf!

Debugging your backend? debugging microservices?
Searching for hours through logs?
Spending hours on building mocks?
Spending hours on building integration tests?
Manually creating requests in Postman for hours?

I'm the co-founder of Sharkio 🦈 😁
An open-source project that is a long-standing member of Maakaf.
We are now booking short 30-minute demo calls. And would love to hear all about your daily struggles with API development and third-party API integrations.
We provide our specialized knowledge to address your problems.

No more! Sharkio is here to save you and your team 😇
Book a call with us now:
Send me a DM and we can discuss
Book a meeting using Calendly: Calendly: 30 min call

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Uriel Ofir

Great idea!