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Sick of Writing Code Just for Mock Data? Try Sharkio 🚀🦈

What is sharkio?

Sharkio is the only tool you'll ever need for API development. Sharkio is an API proxy designed as a developer tool. It will streamline your workflow, and make API development a breeze. And it integrates seamlessly and easily!

With only three easy steps. You can add new endpoints with mocked data. And you could mock existing endpoints and easily test your application.

For this tutorial let's assume that we have an API at

1) Create a new proxy

proxy createion

  • Choose a port
  • Enter the URL of your api
  • Enter a name
  • Save and start

2) Modify you frontend to call instead of

3) Easily create a mock
mock creation dialog

created mock

See that it works:

curl request

And that's it!!

Give it a try for free at Sharkio
Star us on Github at Sharkio
And join our community on Discord Invite link

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pizofreude profile image

Nice addition to my tech stacks, cheers Ido :)

alexkubica profile image
Alex Kubica

I love it!

acecodept profile image

Looks like an amazing tool for developers