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Top 3 questions to ask ChatGPT using AskTheCode plugin

As we all know ChatGPT is mighty and powerful and useful for various tasks like writing code, tests, and much more.

ChatGPT now supports plugins. And one awesome plugin is AskTheCode. It opens up a world of possibilities both for open-source contributors and for maintainers.

1. Describe the architecture of the project

I asked Chad to describe the architecture of sharkio. And it provided an amazing result that I could use as documentation.
It recognized that there is a Client side and Server side. Provided a high level folder structure for each. It also recognized the root level code and files.

2. Where is file located?

you can use chat to locate files in the project.
And it provides you with a link to the file.

3. What libraries does the client side use?

This is truly amazing!!
You can quickly and easily analyze a new project.
It provided a breakdown of main libraries/state management/testing/API/Build and devtools.

This was the result when I asked Chad about Sharkio:

Main Libraries

State Management

UI Libraries

API and Authentication



Build and Development Tools

Other Libraries

This is a non-exhaustive list, and you can find more details in the package.json file.

If you know any of those technologies.
And love to contribute to open-source projects.

Check out Sharkio!

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