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Ian Rathbone
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Sunday Review (2019-04-28)


Happy Easter!?

It may as well still be Easter in our house because we're still getting through the chocolate eggs and hot cross buns. The local shops aren't helping by reducing their excess chocolate to such ridiculous prices....

Moving on.

Being away from the job for 10 days gave me some time to reflect about what I've done in the last year and I'm really proud of what we've accomplished. I also maintain a side business I've been running for 12 years now which still brings in some good projects and pocket money.

Having time for reflection has allowed me to come up with a little plan for the future of that company and how I can find time to expand that product.

I'm going to be investing time in the coming weeks into moving on with an idea I've had for 8 years that I've redrawn and prototyped around 10 times. It's probably worth mentioning that it's not simply an idea as there's two different instances of it running in Azure powering two different solutions for my customers in America and Australia.

It's time I took the plunge and build one version that suits both of these customer's requirements and fits the subscription model that I believe it can be.

I'll try to talk more about this as I attempt to move on with building it, and share the pitfalls and (hopefully) successes I find.


Two paths I'm currently working through in Pluralsight are Python and the Scrum Framework.

We've reached a great point in our team with Scrum and we've appointed our Scrum Master - not me! This is a good thing!

I'm going to complete the Path for Scrum so this week I completed Growing Yourself and Your Team by Jeremy Jarrell. This unit goes through the benefits of becoming a coach for the team helping them reach Scrum nirvana and finding your own flow for the team.

Getting close to completing the Python Path I took a refreshing journey down the WEB2PY road with Terry Toy by watching the Full Stack Web Development videos. Viewing these from a C# MVC world isn't a struggle at all now I've been through most of the Python path and it's good to see how far along Python has come with frameworks. I'd be interested to try out some of Terry's examples and play with the full stack tools that WEB2PY provides.

If you're interested in Python web development I definitely recommend this course.

The News

Each week I'll post a few links that I've found the most interesting from technology blogs, reddit and other parts of the Internet.

I'm most interested in the couple of articles around Blazor: 'The End of the Experiment Is in Sight' and Comparing Client Side Blazor to Server Side Blazor. I've found this technology to be valuable in getting some proof of concept user interfaces up and running in the last 6 months and look forward to seeing full support soon!

Check out some other articles I've found interesting below:

Technology / General


.NET / Azure

Have a great week!

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