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Communicating gentleness with this font for your indie project!

Hi everyone! I work on a newsletter called FontDiscovery. Every week I create a digestible visual guide about fonts, marketing, and design ideas to help founders and markers step up their marketing and get creative.

This week, I share a font that communicates gentleness in your marketing. we also talk about open source project as marketing. If you have to create designs for your projects and business, try these and let me know what you think!

Font of the Week: Averia

Averia family has swelled-up strokes that give a brush appearance, hand-crafted feeling. Averia is created by averaging all the fonts on the designer's computer. There are several different styles of Averia: Averia Libre is an average of all the fonts; Averia Sans Libre includes is the average of all the sans serif, whereas Averia Serif Libre is the average of all the serifs. This font family communicates warmth, artisanal and gentleness. It gives your project a gentle and tender feeling. Averia Sans Libre feels the most gentle because it looks thinner and softer than other style versions.

How to use it for marketing?

  • Each Serif, Sans, and Libre version has three weights and is available in regular and italic styles.
  • Averia Serif and Sans serif can pair with each other
  • Serif is good for editorial; Sans and Libre is excellent for body copy

I share font, design and marketing tips like this weekly, you can subscribe if you feel like. If you would like to read the original post, you can see it at

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