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3 min design tip on how to use the font Chaumont for your projects!

Hi everyone! I write a newsletter called FontDiscovery. Every week I create a digestible visual guide about a new font with examples and case studies to help founders, creators, and makers step - up their creativity and marketing game. This week, I covered Koho, a font perfect for attention-grabbing marketing projects and complex digital products.

Font Details
Koho mixes calligraphy with modern influences. It combines calligraphic and functional font styles by having traits of both monospace fonts and humanist sans serif. This harmony between the organic and the functional creates a unique aesthetics.

How should I use it for logos?
Koho has oblong shapes, consistent stroke, calligraphic influence, and large x-height to communicate warmth and openness. It is perfect for tech brands.

How should I use it for marketing?
Koho communicates warmth and openness. It can be used for display and more complex projects. It has regular and italic in six weights. It can support complex projects like product landing pages and app interfaces. It pairs well with Daubenton.

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