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Helitha Rupasinghe
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8 Google Chrome add-ons to simplify your life (I'm sure).

Google Chrome is by far the most popular web browser in the world, and part of its allure stems from the ease with which you can add new functionality via extensions, pushing it far beyond the business of browsing websites.

Find out which one is best for you! 💬 👇

1. Scribe

This is a fantastic plugin that automatically converts any process into a step-by-step guide. Scribe can save you hundreds of thousands of hours of valuable time.


2. Wappalyzer

Discover a website's technical stack.


3. Jam

The most efficient bug reporting tool. Your bug reporting time will be cut by 20x.


4. VisBug

Open source web design debug tools built with JavaScript: a FireBug for designers.


5. HyperWrite

Wherever you write, HyperWrite offers hints and sentence completions to help you write better.


6. Firefiles

Record & Transcribe meetings & calls directly from the browser


7 Text-Blaze

Eliminate any repetitive typing and create smart text expansions to get more done and streamline your work.


8 Motion

Create web animations faster than ever with the chrome extension for CSS and Motion One.


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Thanks man! These are awesome.