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Helitha Rupasinghe
Helitha Rupasinghe

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10 open source projects you should be aware of in 2023

A well curated list of the most interesting development tools and projects on GitHub in 2023.

1. Linux

One of the most popular open source operating systems, it is used on servers, desktop computers, and mobile devices.


2. Git

A popular version control system for tracking changes in code and collaborating on software development.


3. Docker

A platform for designing, delivering, and operating containerized applications.


4. Kubernetes

An open source container orchestration system for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.


5. TensorFlow

An open source machine learning framework developed by Google.


6. Apache Cassandra

A NoSQL database that is extremely scalable and commonly used for handling enormous amounts of data.


7. Elasticsearch

A search engine based on the Lucene library that is commonly used for log analysis and business intelligence.


8. Ansible

An open-source automation tool that is widely used for configuration management and application deployment.


9. Spring Framework

A widely used open-source Java framework for building enterprise applications.


10. React

A JavaScript library for building user interfaces, it is widely used for building web and mobile applications.


Thanks for reading! πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€

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szsz profile image

Wow, I feel like back in 2005 again, thank you! ;)

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Igal Dahan


mrvreg profile image

@hr21don thanks for thr article. It's a great topic. Problem is none of these projects alll that new and they have all been written up elsewhere for years. They are all very mainstream. I would love tonsee some more effort to give us new ideas that are not so trite.

cyrilall profile image

hey what about :)

calihunlax profile image
Cali Hunlax

I found this article unreadable because of the amount of moving pictures.

alexcheninfo profile image

jQuery is missing. And Notepad++.

nottrobin profile image
Robin Winslow

Heh. Just those?

jmarcossf profile image
Juan Marcos

Haters gon' hate πŸ˜… Sure, these projects have been around for a while. But it doesn't mean folks shouldn't be aware of them in 2023. The headline didn't lie πŸ˜…

hr21don profile image
Helitha Rupasinghe

very true

obasi042 profile image
Obasi Nwosu

How do open source projects fit into the broader landscape of the software industry, and how do they coexist with proprietary software and other types of projects?

nottrobin profile image
Robin Winslow • Edited

This is such a big and foundational topic that if you know nothing about it you're probably better off starting with Google rather than a comment thread.

But in summary: Most commercial companies in the world will use one or more of those products (especial postgresql). So they're free, provided for free, survive through contributions (or occasionally extra paid for services), and yet provide much of the underlying value for every multi-billion dollar company out there, who rarely contribute back in any significant way.

That's the world we live in.

hr21don profile image
Helitha Rupasinghe

Because some businesses utilise and contribute to open source projects while still building private software for their specialised purposes or to make cash, open source and proprietary software can coexist.

airtonix profile image
Zenobius Jiricek

They exist.


bahner profile image
Lars Bahner

How on Earth did you come up with this list? What on earth is exciting about any of these - maybe apart from opencv and netbeans. Why do you feel they are ones to watch for 2023?

leob profile image

Netbeans? ancient as well, ain't it?

teamradhq profile image

Thanks for the memories. This list makes me feel old πŸ‘΄πŸ»

jwp profile image
John Peters

What's your thoughts on github?

hr21don profile image
Helitha Rupasinghe

I absolutely love GitHub for its contributions to the open-source community.

ryanellis profile image
Ryan Ellis

Seriously, where did you dig this up? Web-archive?

rebertim profile image
Tim Reber

Use .gitlab-ci and not jenkins pleeease! :(

jijinraj profile image
Jijin Raj • Edited

Welcome to 2000s mates πŸ₯²

fatihbaltaci profile image
Fatih Baltaci

GitHub logo ddosify / ddosify

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ddosify is available via Docker, Docker Extension, Homebrew Tap, and downloadable pre-compiled binaries from the releases page for macOS, Linux and Windows.


docker run -it --rm ddosify/ddosify
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Homebrew Tap (macOS and Linux)

brew install ddosify/tap/ddosify
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apk, deb, rpm, Arch Linux, FreeBSD packages

  • For arm architectures change ddosify_amd64 to ddosify_arm64 or ddosify_armv6.
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isalahyt profile image

Bro I got confused πŸ€” so we can use them or we don't have to use them because what? They good or bad someone tell me please thanks β˜ΊοΈπŸ™

raviklog profile image

Hi Bro,Each one is good on one front...some of these tools i worked/came across...if you would like to proceed on AI,ML space...OpenCV is good one to carry with...mainly on Image/Video Processing algorithms....Jenkins on CI/CD to maintain code integrations and delivery pathway.
MYSQL/PostgreSQL easier way of getting to know of Database structures, work on it in your local systems and it will help in workplaces as well.
Wordpress mainly for quick templating based website creations and much more.
Overall good to know of these tool based on your need

orix profile image
Waleedh Nihal