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Game Development Diary #7 : Second Course

27/05/2024 - Monday

Today is my seventh day developing a video game. That means it’s been one week since I started studying Godot, and I think the progress of the last week has been quite satisfying for me. I will try to remain consistent in the future.

Today's Progress:

Learn about gridmap:

Create a MeshLibrary to start placing meshes in a grid with the GridMap node.

Use the gridmap:

Learn how to customize a Gridmap to fit my MeshLibrary and start building a level with them both.

Building Curves With Path3D

Learning how to create 3D paths for the enemy to follow.

PathFollow3D Enemies

Making an enemy that can walk along my Path3D with a simple script.

Making a bas efor the gameplay

Connecting the enemies to a home base so they can deal damage at the end of the path.

Health and Labels

Learn how to track the base’s health and show it to the player with the Label3D node.

Introducing Properties

Using properties to create setter and getter functions. Ensuring code is run when the base’s health changes.

Text, Strings and Colors

Learning how to compose complex strings and create colors in scripts to improve the health label.

Mouse Input and Ray Picking

Learn how to use the Camera3D and the RayCast3D node to find out what objects in the game world the player is clicking on.

Updating Gridmap Cells

Getting familiar with GridMap functions to change tiles dynamically when the player hovers over them with the mouse.

Plans for Next Session:

Continue to my GameDevTV's course

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