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10 AI project ideas that you can build in a weekend

Every day there is something new coming up in the field of AI and it has now became a day-to-day term! I know many developers (including me) who want to learn and build something in AI just out of curiosity.

From my past experience, one thing I know for sure is to learn a new technology, you have to build something using it. But the biggest question is, what to build?

We all struggle finding good project ideas and hence I have came up with the list of 10 interesting and fun AI side project ideas. Best part is, all these are small side projects which you can build over the weekend and then continue to improve it.

So lets jump in to our ideas

1. Image Captioning Tool
Develop a tool that uses computer vision to analyse images and generate descriptive captions. This can be a valuable accessibility tool for the visually impaired.

You can make it more fun by adding options to generate Instagram post captions as well :)

2. Page Summariser
An AI-powered text summarisation tool that can extract key points and summaries from long articles, research papers, or news articles.

This could be even a chrome extension that can summarise any page that you are visiting.

3. Cold DM Generator
A tool designed to automate the process of generating DMs on various social media platforms. This will assist people in initiating conversations and outreaching to individuals with more personalised.

Cold DMs or emails is one of the most struggling points for many of us on internet, so this tool can be super helpful.

4. Email Prioritiser
An email plugin or standalone tool that uses natural language processing (NLP) to analyse the content of incoming emails and automatically categorize them by priority. This tool can help users focus on important messages and reduce email overload.

I know gmail does this task very well, but it will be super fun to build an app by yourself!

5. Expense Tracker and Predictor
This one is my favourite!

A financial management tool driven by AI to help us effortlessly track our expenses while also predicting future spending patterns. By analyzing historical spending data and financial habits, this can give us valuable insights, allowing to make informed financial decisions and maintain better control over their budgets.

6. Mood Recipe Generator
The Mood Recipe Generator that give you recipe suggestions to match a specific mood and preferences. User can add input and mood indicators, and based on that this tool generates personalised recipes.

*7. Movie Suggester *
Same as food, this tool will be able to recommend movies for your specific moods, occasions, or preferences. You can also use imdb apis for this one!

8. Grocery list helper
This will make your life easier! A tool to simplify the process of creating and managing grocery lists. By analyzing your previous purchase history, dietary preferences, and current inventory, this tool can curate a better grocery list.

You can also add real-time suggestions and allows users to add items through voice commands or text input.

9. Leetcode Challenger
This can help developers in improving their coding and algorithmic problem-solving skills. Based on your coding strengths and weaknesses, this can suggest a set of challenges to target areas that need improvement and also can help you with small hints to solve problems.

You can improve this idea to so many levels like time management, skills etc

10. Code Refactoring Helper
You can make a tool that scans your codebase, identifies potential issues, and suggests improvements to adhere to best coding practices and style guidelines. It can provide specific recommendations for code refactoring, such as extracting methods, optimizing loops, and simplifying complex logic, making your code more efficient and robust.

And wait, what after building a project?

You put so much of efforts and created this wonderful project, but what if you also get a chance to showcase this project to the world and also win some cool prizes? No kidding!

If you are reading this post before 13th Sept 2023, then you can do that, by submitting your project to a Generative AI Hackathon organised by Peerlist and Replit.

Its an online hackathon and submissions are open till 13th, so create an awesome project and showcase it to the world! 🚀

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