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I think someone could build AI (machine learning) tools today to make frontend developers more productive, for example creating a pleasing layout, translating an image into HTML/CSS, gluing components together in common ways. The developer part will still need to be done by humans: translating requirements into algorithms and data structures that the computer can understand, mapping between two different models of the world, figuring out special cases and troubleshooting bugs.

If you're looking for a timeframe, I think it's long enough that front end skills are still a good investment for someone's time.

Of course someone could figure out strong AI tomorrow and put all developers (and other humans) out of a job, but machine learning won't do it anytime soon. On the other hand, strong AI might never arrive.


The best answer is:

When AI is smart enough to replace front end developers.



Pretty soon, most of the general design can be done by AI.

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