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Yeah. JS is not the right choice in many many many cases.

We happen to be in a place in history where JS is super convenient (or the only option) for a lot of user-facing stuff, but its value only goes so far.


Nevertheless, the OP asked whether there is anything that can't be written in JS, not whether there is anything that shouldn't be written in JS :P


I came to see that comment.

I was not disappointed.


Surely one can theoretically write a JS app that spits out memory-efficient, type-safe code in another language?


Yup, I could write a "JS application" that spits out memory-efficient, type-safe code by just using a different language than JS.


Anything that requires high precision (large) integers


The fact that you have to rely on an external package to provide that basic level of functionality is indicative of a problem in the language itself. JavaScript was never meant for anything besides driving UI in the browser.

  1. Third one is native.
  2. C++ doesn't have native bigint.
  1. The third one is still a proposal and only available in exactly 1 interpreter

  2. C++ has native integers. JavaScript does not. I'm not speaking specifically of big integers, I'm saying JS doesn't have any integer type at all. It's only numeric type is number which is an IEEE 754 double precision floating point numeric type

The statement was can't build an os, not a kernel while an os needs a kernel, not everything in the os has to be a kernel to work, just as in user space we use python, C++, C, java, and a ton of languages that underlying end up using 0's and 1's, node os builds it's os user space consuming side with javascript, just as that.
If you don't want to buy the idea it's fine, the project will still exist there and that OS wouldn't be usable without javascript so it fits the statement for me

yeah, like most OSes do, the rest of the os interaction (user facing stuff) is made with node/javascript

Core development is being done in layers. There could be some differences to adjust better to each target platform, but the general structure is:

  • barebones custom Linux kernel with an initramfs that boots to a Node.js REPL
  • initramfs Initram environment to mount the users partition & boot the system
  • usersfs multi-user environment with the same behaviour of traditional OSes

If you had said Kernels, yeah I would have bought it, but the res of the os is prominently javascript


The thing is, programming is programming, you can do almost anything with almost any language.

Writing a complex system-level app in JS is like building a website with C. Is it possible? Yes. Is it a good idea? That's another debate (spoiler: no).


Create a stable library that stays cool for longer than 120 days. Seems like we in JS land keep moving to the next best thing so quickly.


I'm not sure we have a runtime to write embedded software in javascript, yet.


you can use javascript for windows 10 IoT devices
not sure how far does it go into embedded software but I think it fits at least a little

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