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What have you been learning lately?

Hayley Denbraver 👩‍💻🥑
Software engineer, developer advocate, technical content creator. Believes coding can and should be fun and that teams work best when they are inclusive.
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I have the desire to dig into something new. I have a background in Python, have worked a bit in security, and have dabbled with containers, serverless, etc.

What are you learning and why do you like it? Any advice welcome. 😄

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Currently learning more about Node and implementing a real time combat system to blog about in my current series :)

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Eldar Dautović

Currently getting into Node seems really fun.

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Mad Dev

Nginx and Docker are pretty fun.

Grafana and Elastic, not as much fun. Or at least I find the documentation lacking or unclear.

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Hicham Moro

Getting into AWS cloud Computing