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Top 5 SQL Databases You Need To Learn

as a software developer you MUST learn databases as it's your backbone of most applications.

this is not a comparison between databases as every database has it's own features and reasons to be chosen for your application.

but this article only mentioning the most important databases being used nowadays, and you should learn or at least to have an idea about it and it's usage

1. MySQL


is one of the most popular open-source relational database management systems. It's known for its ease of use, reliability and robust performance

MySQL is commonly used in web applications, content management systems and various other projects that require efficient data storage and retrieval, also it's #1 choice for php folks

learning MySQL provides you with a strong foundation in SQL syntax and relational database concepts. as a start You'll need to learn how to design and manage databases, create tables, perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations and optimize queries for better performance.

2. PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL, often referred to as "Postgres," is another powerful open-source relational database system.
It is known for its advanced features, extensibility, and support for complex data types and custom functions. PostgreSQL is commonly used in applications that require advanced data analysis, spatial data management, and full-text search capabilities.

By learning PostgreSQL, you'll gain insights into more advanced SQL concepts, such as window functions, common table expressions (CTEs), and stored procedures. You'll also learn about data integrity, transaction management, and indexing strategies that can enhance the performance of your database applications.

3. Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server

the #1 choice for .NET people, this offers comprehensive tools for database administration, business intelligence, and data analysis. SQL Server is commonly employed in applications that require seamless integration with Microsoft products and robust security features.

learning Microsoft SQL Server provides you with expertis in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), Transact-SQL (T-SQL) and features like database mirroring, replication, and high availability configurations. This knowledge is valuable for managing large-scale database environments.

4. Oracle


yea for sure you need to know about THE famouse oracle database,
for years this database was known as a legend everyone need to know about it, but why?
Oracle Database is a powerful commercial relational database management system known for its scalability, security features, and support for complex business logic.
It's often used in enterprises that requir high-performance data management and large-scale transaction processing.

Learning Oracle Database involves understanding Oracle's implementation of SQL, PL/SQL (Oracle's procedural language extension for SQL) and features like partitioning, clustering and data compression. Mastery of Oracle Database can open doors to opportunities in industries that rely heavily on robust data management solutions.

5. SQLite


it's not always about large scales applications ,what if i have a small app with a limited size of data or im working on a platform with resources limitations (like mobile apps)?
a lightweight, serverless, and self-contained relational database engine. Unlike other SQL databases, SQLite doesn't requir a separate server process and is often embedded directly within applications. It's commonly used in mobile apps, desktop applications, and small-scale projects where simplicity and low overhead are priorities.

Learning SQLite introduces you to the concept of embedded databases and teaches you how to work with databases in scenarios where a client-server architecture isn't suitable. You'll gain insights into database file management, transactions, and the trade-offs associated with using an embedded database system.


again this is not a comparison and learning any sql database will allow you to learn other databases easily because they all use almost the same syntax, so stop comparing and start learning.

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Giovanni Matteo

i believe that "MariaDB" is on it's way top

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Hasan Elsherbiny

yea maybe