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as a developer or a person in IT field in general you probably have heard the term CI/CD many times but

What is CI/CD?

The Term CI Stand For Continuous integration and CD stands for continuous delivery/continuous deployment.

Continuous Integration (CI) is the practice of frequntly integrating code changes into a shared repository, where automated tests are run to validate the changes it ensures that each code commit is tested and integrated into the main codebase, thereby detecting and fixing integration errors early in the development cycle which means the outcome of CI process should be a ready to deploy package which is also known as "Assets".

Continuous Deployment (CD): on the other hand extends the CI process by automatically deploying the package produced from the previous step (CI) to production or staging environments after they pass all tests, it enables teams to release software updates quickly and efficiently, leading to shorter release cycles and faster time-to-market.


Benefits of CI/CD

-Faster Time-to-Market: CI/CD automates repetitive tasks, reducing manual effort and accelerating the software delivery process
-Improved Code Quality: automated testing catches bugs and regressions early, ensuring that only high-quality code is deployed

  • Increased Collaboration: CI/CD encourages collaboration among team members by providing a shared codebase and transparent feedback on code changes
  • Enhanced Stability: Continuous testing and deployment pipelines help identify and resolve issues before they reach production, leading to more stable applications
  • Better Visibility: CI/CD pipelines provide visibility into the status of code changes, test results, and deployment processes, enabling teams to track progress and identify bottlenecks

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Great article sir but i would like a comprehensive breakdown if you don't mind

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Hasan Elsherbiny

thanks, glad that you like it, and im planning to add more to this series ,stay tuned.
you can also check my other articles you will like them too.