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How to pass AWS Solution Architect associate in First attempt

Hello Everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe.

Recently I have appeared for AWS SAA C02 exam and cleared in my first attempt. So I will be sharing few study tips here to achieve the same.

First of all, This is associate level exam and there is no pre-requisite for this. I strongly recommend to refer the below study resources to start preparing for this course.

Free study resources:

  1. Skill builder AWS Official AWS Training
  2. Pythoholic Youtube channel

Paid Resources:

  1. Adrian cantrill AWS Course One of the best AWS course to start from foundational level
  2. Cloud Academy I recommend this course if you are visual learner
  3. Tutorials DOJO for Practice tests

Please reach to me on Linkedin in case of you need any further help.

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PS : The AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate certification exam is changing August 30, 2022. The last date to take the current exam is August 29, 2022

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