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Learning AWS Day by Day — Day 16 — Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Exploring AWS !!

Day 16:

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Amazon VPC lets you create a logically isolated section of AWS cloud where you can launch AWS services in virtual network which you defined.
VPCs span all availability zones in a region.

What is IP address?
Unique string of numbers assigned to a computer using Internet Protocol to communicate over a network.
Network address = 54.92.xx.xx
Host Number = xx.xx.31.18 = CIDR (Class Inter Domain Routing)
So, number of hosts = 2¹⁶ — 1 (65535) to

Class A — x.0.0.0/8 — here /8 cannot be changed
Class B — x.x.0.0/16
Class C — x.x.x.0/24

Firewall: a system made to prevent unauthorized traffic to and fro from your PRIVATE network/computer/server by allowing or denying those traffic. Allowing or denying traffic are mentioned by rules, also called firewall rules.
Stateful: No additional rules are needed for response traffic.
Stateless: Rules have to be mentioned for both requests and responses.
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