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C# .NET API to Redact Classified Information in PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint Documents

Do you frequently send or receive documents electronically? If so, you will be familiar with the importance of protecting sensitive information contained within digitally processed documents. Text encryption, hiding or even removing specific types of information from the documents are few different ways of securing your files.

A question, why would you need to protect this type of information anyways? What’s the big deal? Well, everyone may have his own reasons, depending upon the kind of documents and data in question, key principle stays the same; to be sure that the information being transferred electronically is safe, it isn’t manipulated in any wrong or harmful way.

So, in conclusion, we want to transfer documents over the internet, but we want to be able to protect document contents by any means feasible. Considering it could be cumbersome processing a bunch of files manually, we can use an API which lets us develop apps for hiding or removing sensitive document data and automate the whole process. If you are working on .NET platform, you can leverage the newly launched GroupDocs.Redaction for .NET API. It is a feature rich document redaction API which helps you obscure classified text, metadata or tabular data from document contents, comments and annotations inside your PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. Learn more –

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