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How to Find Metadata Signatures in Image Files using C# .NET API

This article covers a brief introduction about the e-signing process; the benefits gained by end users together with a reference to one of the well-known document eSigning APIs for .NET platform.

Electronic signing or e-signing is the procedure of signing your legal, contractual or any other type of documents digitally, without the need to scan or print them. e-Signing helps in reducing the hassle of obtaining hard copies, processing and storing them, together with providing an avenue towards a paper-less environment.

Let’s talk about at which levels is eSigning process required. Is it exclusive to certain departments, businesses or individuals? No, this process has a very broad scope; one might implement it at a personal or enterprise level too.

We can now look at how you can actually eSign your documents. Whether it is a manual or automated procedure? There are no hard and fast rules, individuals can add e-Signatures into their files manually or, there could be an automated approach for batch processing. If you are a programmer and would like to code an app on .NET platform which lets you digitally sign numerous types of files, you can consider using GroupDocs.Signature for .NET API. It supports adding text, image, digital, barcode, QR-code and metadata type signatures into PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text, JPEG and TIFF files proficiently.

Latest release of this .NET API comes with an interesting feature of searching for metadata signatures inside your .NET based image file formats. Feel free to checkout available features yourself –

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