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Big News! GroupDocs.Redaction has been released for Java platform!

Do you have to deal with a frequent exchange of the digital documents? Do your documents contain classified and sensitive information that needs to be protected? If they do, how do you process such documents to hide or remove some specific information before sending them outside your company? Well, these questions will definitely pop out the solution that you are currently using for protecting the sensitive content in your document.

What if I tell you that you can automate the process of protecting the classified content in your documents? Wouldn’t it be great when you will be able to do it for a bunch of documents using a single click?

Yes, you can now redact, hide or remove sensitive content & metadata from word processing documents, worksheets, presentations, PDF and raster image files in your Java applications using GroupDocs.Redaction for Java.‎ The API provides a single ‎format-independent interface supporting various redaction types such as text redaction, metadata ‎redaction, annotation redaction, and tabular document redaction. Read more:

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