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Glitch This Week is a regular series in which we round-up just some of the amazing projects that fantastic creators have made on Glitch. Here are a few projects that caught our eye this week.

Rock, Paper, Scissors V2.0

Inspired by a tweet, Jez Swanson created "rock-paper-scissors-two" - a strategic variant of the rock-paper-scissors hand game. This simple tweak adds a new element to the game, and takes the mind-games when playing to a whole new level! 👊✋✌

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Scrollbar Pong

Neal Agarwal is a prolific creator on Glitch. His projects often creatively re-use a browser element, like the URL bar, or the console. His latest creation continues this trend with a remake of the classic arcade game Pong, but using native scrollbars!

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[Deleted User]

Embrace Rejection

Margarita Noriega's project "acute-toast" procedurally generates rejection letters using Kate Compton's Tracery library. Though strangely fun, at times the results are a little too on point 😅

Other apps in this week's round-up include a VR cash cannon, a live video block puzzle, and a string emojifier. Check them out!

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The scrollbar Pong is awesome and reminds me of wavyurl.com and other ways the browser can be 'broken' in the name of fun.

I'm a big fan of this series, Gareth 👍


Thanks Andrew, glad you liked scrollbar pong!


Oh hey, you're the person who made tenyearsago.io — I love that site and regularly check it out 😊