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React Amsterdam Conference is now React Summit

gitnation profile image GitNation ・2 min read

React Amsterdam has been around for what seems like ages. In 2015, we began with organizing small local Meetups right when React was originally published, and we were dedicated to pioneering the technology. As time went on, we put together our first conference in 2016, and we decided to use the original name of these Meetups to highlight the conf's community character.

However, it's been almost 5 years since we first started, and just like the amount of work we put in our events, the React Amsterdam crowd itself has grown significantly. It has grown so much, in fact, that we've become the biggest React conference in the world.

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That's why in order to celebrate our 5th anniversary next year, we decided it's time for a change, or rather, an improvement. Our name needs to grow with us, and since React Amsterdam became the #1 offline platform for React developers, we want to serve the community better and more openly.

So… say hello to React Summit!

We would like to present the event specifically as a summit because our audience is composed of core contributors, OSS authors, and many community leaders, and they gather for almost a week-long festival in Amsterdam. React Summit is and will be the place where you can meet the most people you follow online as a React dev.

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We also came up with our new identity to avoid confusion with our future local activities, but no worries, the Amsterdam scene is here to stay and we'll do our best to include it in our global ambitions.

As for React Summit 2020, the great content, the international pros, the abundant networking opportunities, and all the entertainment of React Amsterdam are going to stay. We are definitely going to keep Kromhouthal, our beloved Amsterdam venue, for our 2020 edition, and you can expect the full experience with React ferries and amazing afterparties you've grown to love.

Sounds good?

We hope we get to see you at React Summit on April 15-18, 2020!

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Is it possible for students to participate as volunteers?:)