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Is attending remote JavaScript workshops worth it?

gitnation profile image GitNation ・4 min read

If there's something that can get us through the times of coronavirus crisis, it's knowledge. Now's the right time to stock up on it.

There might not be a chance to meet JavaScript experts in person for some time but that doesn't mean you can't get a deeper knowledge of JS and its libraries at remote workshops. But you might be wondering – are they worth it? What makes them useful or unique?

On June 11-23, JSNation Live will be bringing multiple sessions for both JS newbies and hardcore fans this year, and if you join our multi-day JavaScript bootcamp, you'll skill up with the help of the best consultants there are.

We guarantee that you'll be getting a modern training course. Our instructors are 100% ready for remote collaboration, and most of them have previous experience with holding remote sessions. On top of that, we only organize small-sized groups for maximum attention to individual needs, and the sessions focus on practical exercises, so you'll learn by doing. You'll also get extra homework that will be be reviewed by instructors after the course.

We believe that remote can even bring more value than an in-person event – by allowing you to engage with our trainers from the comfort of your home or office. Our team is always on hand to answer your questions, should you have any.

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remote JavaScript workshops

If you are a developer

Whether you're looking for skills to help you level up at work, get a promotion, or make yourself more competitive on the job market, our full-day and 3-hour workshops taught by the industry experts are tailored to get you there. Skyrocketing JavaScript frameworks will make you a developer in demand. Release full potential of JS to discover new exciting career opportunities.

If you are a business owner

Investing just 8 hours into your employees' development can result in unexpected performance improvement. Let's say, 10 of your engineers attend a full-day workshop. In the next year, they will put in approximately 20,000 hours of work for your company. If after the workshop their performance improves by only 1%, your organization in return will gain 200 hours of work. Impressive outcome after one training day only.

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remote JavaScript course


Broken Promises (June 11-12)

Matteo Collina & James M Snell | 🕐 8 hours

This workshop will help developers do the right thing with Promises. Through a series of hands-on exercises and puzzles, developers will learn the ins and outs of developing with Promises in Node.js, learning everything they should do, and most importantly what they shouldn't do, in order to maximize the effectiveness of their code and avoid common performance pitfalls.

From Zero to Real-world GraphQL APIs (June 15)

Alex Lobera | 🕐 8 hours

GraphQL is an excellent technology to model the data of a system and expose it in a very flexible way. It enables product engineers to build faster at scale by composing data requirements on the client and efficiently querying APIs. However, this new paradigm also brings new concerns and potential issues on the server-side. In this training, you will learn how to effectively create GraphQL APIs leveraging GraphQL advantages and avoiding common pitfalls.

Angular for Architects: Component Patterns (June 16-17)

John Papa | 🕐 8 hours

How do you follow the best practices and set yourself up to successfully maintain your application? Are you meeting your business requirements and considering architectural patterns? How do you load your app efficiently, provide optimal user experience, guard client-side navigation, and debug your components? This workshop builds on your Angular foundations, adding expert tips and techniques helping you scale your apps and become more productive.

Modern React (June 16-17)

Max Stoiber | 🕐 8 hours

After some years of silence, React team had recently landed a number of new additions to its library enabling application developers to optimize their code both for better performance and maintainability. Max will guide you through emerging patterns and show you by example how you can start applying the new best practices in your production apps.

Mastering Modern Web Development in VueJS (June 16-17)

Vladimir Novick | 🕐 8 hours

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn everything you need to build production level VueJS apps. After attending this training, you will feel confident not only to safely navigate the world of VueJS development, but to develop your own production grade VueJS apps.

TypeScript Workshop (June 22-23)

Tejas Kumar | 🕐 8 hours

TypeScript is taking the web platform by storm, mainly because it is so syntactically similar to JavaScript, but comes with powerful scalability features that create more robust products. In this workshop, you will examine an existing JavaScript codebase, port it over to TypeScript, and refactor parts of it to see the value TypeScript can provide.

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