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The GitHub Community Roundup - 2024.02.23

As we draw the curtains on the last full week of February, we celebrate the awesome work from our community. There are some great pieces of content from the developer ecosystem this week, and some GitHub announcements thrown in to make sure you don't miss all the juicy news.

Be a Better Developer with These Git Good Practices

Being a developer can be hard. There are multiple ways to do things, best practices that aren't necessarily followed by every organisation, and syntax you need to remember. Read this article for some top git tips.

Gamedev.js Survey’s all questions and answers landed on GitHub

GitHub Star and creator of js13kGames comes to us with an awesome update on the state of game development. Their recent survey, has been published on GitHub with a look back at historical data. Dive into trends, usage and more with this informative report.

Utilizing GitHub accounts on Ubuntu with multiple SSH keys

You have more than one GitHub account right? Sometimes one for work, one for personal, one alt where you test random stuff. If you have multiple accounts, then check out this article for how to have more than one GitHub account on Ubuntu/Mac.

My Use Cases for Advanced GitHub Search

Did you know GitHub has a search function? What's the best way to use it. Read this article on how one developer is getting the most out of search.

Mastering Advanced Git Techniques for Seamless Collaboration

Collaboration is so important. It's a pillar of DevOps and one people often forget about. This article outlines some techniques for mastering advanced git so you can have better teamwork!

Thank you to @speaklouder, @emmanuelnullpod, @ondrejsevcik, @end3r, and Priyanka S for putting together these great updates!

And we'll leave you with this fun question, about whether GitHub is the new rubber duck:

What's new at GitHub this week?

Empowering all developers to build without barriers

Accessibility is such an important consideration when building any product or feature. At GitHub, we've implemented accessibility at scale. Read all about how we're building for accessibility as a necessity.

How to stay safe from repo-jacking

What is repo-jacking? How can you avoid it? The TL;DR is if all of your software dependencies from are from a single a package manager like NPM or PyPI then you can’t be directly affected by repo-jacking. Be careful about pulling dependencies directly from GitHub and learn how to stay safe from repo-jacking.

Secret scanning adds validity checks for Mailgun and Mailchimp

Now secret scanning 🔍 is extending its support to Mailgun and Mailchip API keys.

3 ways to customize an LLM (and why you should) 🤖

If you're jumping on the AI bandwagon, then this is a must read. Learn how to customise a large language model (LLM) and understand the reasoning why you should.

Thank you edummersnc, and kevinbackhouse for putting together these great updates 🙏.

If you’ve writing cool articles on GitHub, or find some great content about GitHub or any of its features or products, please share it with the #GitHub hashtag on Twitter, DEV, or LinkedIn! Or drop a comment below 😄.

Happy Friday ❤️.

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Andrzej Mazur

Yay, thanks for mentioning Gamedev.js Survey, much appreciated! :D