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The GitHub Community Roundup - 2024.02.16

Between Valentine's Day, Chinese New year, and everyone getting back into the swing of things, we've seen some amazing work coming from our community this past week.

What are GitHub Actions and how to set them up

Read how Sumi discovered GitHub Actions and how to set them up for your repository.

Your first GitHub contribution

Do you remember your first GitHub contribution? Do you have friends who'd like to contribute, but haven't started? Or maybe you're thinking of making your first contribution. Check out this article on how to make a contribution.

The power of modern DevOps tools

Miracle Software Systems put together a great article on how they use various DevOps tools, including GitHub Actions. If you're thinking about DevOps tooling, this is a must read.

Understanding how GitHub Copilot works

Want to understand how GitHub Copilot works from a technical perspective? This article talks about prompt engineering, filtering, and how GitHub Copilot delivers a response.

GitHub Actions - determining best fit for your DevOps solution

Trying to decide between GitHub Actions and Jenkins? This article divides into the differences and why you should choose GitHub Actions over Jenkins.

✨ Thanks to @sumisastri, @syki, Miracle Software Systems, @japhletnwamu, and Mohit Mehral for writing some great content about GitHub.

If you’ve written an article about GitHub, or any of its features or products, please share it with the #GitHub hashtag on Twitter, DEV, or LinkedIn!

What's new at GitHub this week?

GitHub Accelerator Program now accepting applications

Applications are open once again for the GitHub Accelerator Program. This year, we're focusing on AI advancements in the open. Apply to be part of the ten week program to receive funding and mentoring from some of the best.

Build Code security skills with GitHub secure code game

Up your security skills with this in-repo learning experience. This season's game features five community-contributed challenges in JavaScript, Python, Go, and GitHub Actions. Start playing now.

Fixing security vulnerabilities with AI

How does GitHub's AI security features work? Take a look under the hood to understand how we help keep your code secure.

GitHub Copilot now available in GitHub Support

Find answers to your GitHub-specific questions, and fast. Copilot in GitHub Support is trained on all the official documentation, and is ready to help answer your questions. Start with a conversation, just like chatting to a Support person. Give it a try today, and read more in the official changelog.

✨ Thank you @StormyPeters, @jkcso, @tiferet, @asarkaria for putting together these great updates.

Happy Friday, and happy coding ❤️.

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