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How to navigate the GitHub web without a mouse

Developers are always thinking about productivity. Faster ways to do things. Shortcuts to take. Corners to cut.

Earlier in the year, I wrote a post on some of my favourite keyboard shortcuts. Now I'm here with the ultimate keyboard shortcut.

Navigating without a mouse

One of the reasons we love the command line is it's quick. There's no need to grab your mouse and navigate the screen. Everything is done on your keyboard.

Now we've created a way for you to navigate the GitHub web without using a mouse.

It's called the Command Palette.

When you're on, press CTRL+K (for Windows/Linux), or +K (macOS), and the new command palette will appear.

Command palette

This window will appear on any page.

What you can do with the Command Palette

The Command Palette is designed to make it easy for you to navigate GitHub, search, and run commands:

  • Search by typing the path or string into the Command Palette
  • Filter your search terms by using Tab to cycle through users, org, or repo
  • Expand the scope or your search by using the Backspace and delete keys
  • Clear your search by using CTRL+Backspace (for Windows/Linux), or +Backspace (macOS)
  • Search Issues/PRs/Discussions/Projects by using #
  • Search for Projects by using !
  • Search for users/orgs/repos by using @
  • Search for files using /
  • Jump to your search result by hitting ENTER
  • Open your search in a new browser tab by pressing CTRL+Enter (for Windows/Linux), or +Enter (macOS)
  • Run commands using CTRL+Shift+K (for Windows/Linux), or +Shift+K (macOS)
  • Switch to command mode by using > on the keyboard if you already have the palette open
  • Close the command palette from search and navigation mode by using Esc or CTRL+K (for Windows/Linux), or +K (macOS)
  • Close the command palette from command mode by using Esc or CTRL+Shift+K (for Windows/Linux), or +Shift+K (macOS)
  • Get Help by typing ?

Check out the full list of commands on the GitHub Docs.

There's also a short video where you can see the command palette in action:

Let us know how you'll be using the command palette by leaving a comment below.

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alexweininger profile image
Alex Weininger

This is a really cool feature, I need to try to use it more.

mishmanners profile image
Michelle Mannering

It's brand new, so give it a go!

varghesejose2020 profile image
Varghese Jose


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