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Posted on • Updated on <time datetime="2021-08-24T02:22:27Z" class="date-no-year">Aug 24</time>

Did you know, GitHub has a mobile app?!

Lots of software programs now have mobile apps. Did you know, GitHub has one too?

GitHub for Mobile

This app saves so much time being able to quickly review things on your phone instead of jumping on the computer. I love being able to roll out of bed in the morning and check what's been assigned to me overnight before eating breakfast.

GitHub For Mobile Home

I thought I'd share the top three things I like about GitHub for Mobile.

Quickly check issues

Issues are one of the things I'm constantly checking. What am I assigned to? Who has mentioned me in an issue? Has anyone looked at my issues?


With GitHub for Mobile you can easily view all your issues. You can filter them by:

  • Opened or Closed
  • Created, Assigned, or Mentioned
  • Public repos or Private repos
  • Organisation
  • A specific repository

You can then sort them by age, most commented, emoji, or updated status.

I work a lot in issues and being able to quickly check on mobile is super handy. I no longer get lost in a flurry of email notifications, nor do I need to open my computer to quickly check in on progress.

Pull Requests

Like issues, being able to view and review pull requests on my phone is awesome. If I'm out and about and one of my team members sends me a PR to review, I can quickly do this on my phone without having to wait until I'm back in the office.

Pull requests

Similar to issues, I can view PRs by:

  • Open, Merged, or Closed
  • Created, Assigned, Mentioned, or Review requested
  • Public repos or Private repos
  • Organisation
  • A specific repository

I can then sort by the same parameters as issues. This means anyone can sort their PRs by age, comments, updated, or emojis.


GitHub Discussions are now available on GitHub for Mobile. This makes it easy for me to check in on conversations, see what's been answered or not, and create a new Discussion straight from my phone.


Having this feature on mobile means I'm always connected to my communities.

Available on iOS or Android

Those are the top three things I love about GitHub for Mobile. Do you use the app? What do you like the most? GitHub for Mobile is available on iOS or Android, so go check it out.

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pandz18 profile image

I mean you covered everything XD

But I too do like that it's easy to go through issues , PRs , etc while you're on the go.

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Michelle Mannering Author

Thank you ❤️