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Hey bug 🐞 I can spot you 🔎


Hello, welcome back to the 7th edition of the series can python do that.

Today we will look through python libraries what will help in monitoring your code 💻

Libraries we 🛹 over today are

  • Sentry
  • Datadog
  • Rollbar


Sentry provides self-hosted and cloud-based error monitoring that helps all software
teams discover, triage, and prioritize errors in real-time.

  • Source code, error filters, stack locals — Sentry enhances application performance monitoring with stack traces.
  • See all Issues across your entire organization or select a handful of projects to surface correlated trouble spots.
  • Dashboards add a visual element to our application monitoring.

Docs 📄


The Data Dog Python integration allows you to collect and monitor your Python application logs, traces, and custom metrics. With turn-key integrations, Datadog seamlessly aggregates metrics and events across the full DevOps stack.

  • SaaS and Cloud providers
  • Automation tools
  • Monitoring and instrumentation
  • Source control and bug tracking
  • Databases and common server components

Docs 📄


Rollbar automates error monitoring and triaging, so developers can fix errors that matter within minutes, and build software quickly and painlessly.

  • Reduce the back and forth between dev and QA
  • Dedupe bug reports and prioritize bugs affecting many test cases
  • Get real-time results and stack traces with local variables

Docs 📄


Peace ✌🏻,
Rohith Gilla

Stay Safe, Stay Calm, Stay Informed

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