Building a regex learn-by-examples web application

geongeorge profile image Geon George ・1 min read

I'm building a regex "commonly used" library which includes an explanation for each of the expressions.

I did not find a good alternative other than this ancient-looking website: http://regexlib.com/

Dumb me did not realize until the halfway completion of the application that there are multiple flavors for regex.
I can only show examples and process js expressions. Should I ditch the idea? or complete it even if it's shitty?


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Finish what you started, you can redefine scope, better explain it on your homepage. But you need to complete it for the exact reasons you've started, you want to help people and maybe you'll help only few of them but that and the feeling of completing your side projects is what keeps us going.

Release the source code on GitHub to help someone build a flavor for other language in future.

It's better to redefine scope and deliver something than to completely abandon your progress. Now if you have not made any progress yet than it's up to you to figure out is it still worth your time.