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TERMUX :A Linux Terminal on the Go

Have you ever wished to have a complete Linux environment with a terminal right on your Android device? Look no further, because Termux has you covered. Termux is an open-source Android app that provides a terminal emulator and a Linux environment that can be installed directly from the app store. In this article, we will explore the features of Termux and how it can benefit developers.

Access to Command Line Tools

Termux provides a powerful toolset from the terminal, making it an ideal environment for developers who want to code on their mobile devices. Since Termux offers a full-featured command line interface, you have access to several packages from commonly used package managers like apt, homebrew, and pacman. You can install many powerful command-line tools such as Vim, Git, Node.js, and Python for a complete development experience.

With access to a full-featured Linux environment, developers can have almost unlimited control over the environment and can install packages as per their requirements.

Filesystem Access

Another advantage of Termux is the ability to access your Android device's filesystem from the terminal. Termux provides a home directory, similar to what you'd expect on any Linux machine, where you can store and organize all your files. Termux also allows you to make any directory directly accessible from within the terminal by providing the cdd utility. This is particularly convenient for developers who want to navigate their Android device's filesystem without having to keep switching between a file manager and the terminal.


Termux makes it easy to set up a complete development environment on your Android device. You can install anything from packages for various programming languages to compilers and even entire editors.

For Python developers, thanks to the influx of Python on mobile devices, Termux provides support for Python 3 with several packages for scientific, network, and web development. In addition to Python, Termux also supports a variety of other programming languages such as Ruby, Perl, Lua, and Node.js. This feature makes it easy for developers to work on their projects and maintain codebases on-the-go.

Flexible and Customizable

Termux comes with a lot of flexibility and customization options. For instance, you can customize the look and feel of your terminal with colors, font, and cursor options. Termux also allows you to manage multiple sessions in its terminal emulator by providing a split screen and easy switching between open terminals.


Security is a significant factor when working in any environment, but especially when working in a command-line interface. Termux is designed with user privacy and security in mind. It keeps your data secure by not providing third-party apps with filesystem access or the ability to execute commands.


In conclusion, Termux provides a complete terminal emulator and Linux environment on Android devices. With its powerful toolset, filesystem access, developer-friendliness, and customization options, Termux is a great tool for developers on-the-go who want to code, debug, and maintain codebases even when they don't have access to a laptop or computer. Termux provides a new kind of experience for developers, allowing them to access a full-featured terminal on their mobile device, giving them the experience of a complete Linux environment in the palm of their hands.

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