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How to build signed apk from android studio for flutter

In Android Studio's tab bar, click on Tools and then Flutter and then Open Android module in Android Studio if you don't find Android module in Android Studio, Open (open for editing in android studio)
Step 2
Open the project in a new window
Step 3
Having opened the project, click on Build and then Generate Signed Bundle / APK ...
Step 4
Select Create new.. option to generate new Signed key (When you release your app First Time). But you can choose existing if you have already generated a signed key

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I hope you are doing very well. Can you please tell me how to check if an Apk is safe or not? Because i want to check one APK file called FL Studio Mobile APK that i want to use on my cell phone for creating music.

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Before installing the app, review the permissions it requests. If an app requests permissions that seem unnecessary for its functionality, it might be a red flag.

Use reputable antivirus software to scan the APK file before installing it. Many antivirus apps can detect malware and other security threats in APK files.

If the app is available on official app stores like Google Play Store, check the reviews and ratings from other users. This can give you an idea of the app's reputation and any potential issues.

Check the developer's website or official sources to verify their authenticity. Legitimate developers usually have a website or presence on official app stores.

If you're installing the app from the Google Play Store, Google's Play Protect service automatically scans apps for malware. Make sure Play Protect is enabled on your device.

Whenever possible, install apps directly from the official app store for your device (e.g., Google Play Store for Android). This reduces the risk of downloading malicious apps.