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30 Days Of AWS (Day 7)

Today I studied about Databases on AWS, this topic was awesome for me although you should know about VCP, Networking and security and If you read the older post It's not my strength.


AWS has 2 types of databases available, SQL or relational DB (RDS), and NoSql Non-relational DB (DynamoDB).


RDS is a SQL Database that provides huge options for different engines. Here you will see Amazon Aurora, Mysql, Postgres, Oracle and Microsoft SQL server.


DynamoDB is a NoSQL Database service. Nowadays AWS doesn't have another NoSql option in its catalogue. One way that you can accomplish that is that you create an EC2 instance and install it MongoDB or Oracle NoSql.




Today I was practising a lot creating DB basically to understand much better VPC and Security. Here you can check the official tutorial about How to create an RDS.

That's all for today, I'm sorry for this short post but that was planned for today.

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦

You need to know all the different databases in AWS for Solution Architect Associate

This article on is not AWS specific but helps you understand the use cases of different kinds of databases which will aid you on the Solution Architect Associate

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"Nowadays AWS doesn't have another NoSql option in its catalog". It's not true at all. DocumentDB is available to some regions for support MongoDB

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Wilfredo Pérez

Thanks a lot, I'll update the post with this info. Thanks for reading and taking time to correct it. I appreciate it.