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Because of our global pandemic with #covid-19, a lot of jobs moved remote, no office, no wasting time on commuting. Better productivity with fewer distractions, spending more time with family and most importantly staying indoors, to flatten the curve. We want to gather specific job opportunities for Europe Timezone, especially for UTC+2 - UTC+4.

If you are a company that hires Remote (Europe timezones), please share the good news and your job opportunities. Going remote (if you are in IT, Marketing, Sales, Teaching, Therapists and other office jobs) is crucial at this time. It can make the difference between 'keeping the doors opened' or not.

You can join us here https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13841181/ and present your job openings in your company.

This group is for ~Romania~ mostly (for now). We are trying to start small and make connections between remote companies and remote workers for trusted long term connections, not gig economy.

It shows that you trust your employees, that you are responsible in society and leave space for the people that cannot work from home. In #Romania, we have a lot of #highlyskilled people that already work either in #outsourcing (a form of #remote) or on internal tools and applications.

Let's give life back to the countryside and local communities.

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